What to Know About Moving From California to Texas

With the current political state, high housing and tax prices, and other personal factors, many people are choosing to move from California to the great state of Texas. Before taking the leap, there are many things to consider and some myths to dispel. Here’s what you need to know about moving from California to Texas. {Be sure to check out the videos I’ve made about different cities in the DFW metroplex!}

For those that don’t live in Texas and haven’t had a chance to visit, they often picture Texas as a state filled with cowboy hat-wearing, gun-toting, Whataburger-eating, Friday night lights country folk. I’m not saying that doesn’t exist {we love our Whataburger and football} but Texas is a state that offers a bit of everything, depending where you choose to live. While parts of Texas are very country, Austin offers a lot of culture, and both Dallas and Houston are large cities with no shortage of great restaurants, shopping, and businesses.

What to Know About Moving from California to Texas

No state income tax.

Income tax rates are high in California and that’s one of the reasons that moving to Texas is so appealing. Texas doesn’t have state income tax.  This is a benefit, especially for high income households.

Employment opportunities.

Many companies and large businesses either currently have their headquarters in Texas or are thinking of moving to Texas. Fifty of those companies made the Fortune 500 list in 2020.

Even if your company isn’t located in Texas, for those that can work remotely, Texas is a great option.

Lower cost of living.

Housing prices are rising but the housing market in Texas, even in large cities like Austin and Dallas, is still generally less expensive than California. That means you can probably afford a larger home with a larger lot. But don’t forget to consider other factors when looking for houses. Property taxes are typically higher in Texas because there’s no state income tax. When looking for a home, your realtor can tell you what property taxes have historically been on a property.

You’ll also likely find food, entertainment, and the general cost of living to be less in Texas.

Friendly and hospitable.

Texans are known for a lot of things and friendliness is at the top of the list. The great news is, it’s true! Texans are kind and welcoming and make Texas a great place to live.

Fewer natural disasters.

While Texas seems to have fewer natural disasters than the wildfires, earthquakes, and landslides that California is known for, we do still have a few surprises of our own. Tornadoes, the very occasional mild earthquake, and severe thunder and hail storms are part of life in Texas.

Mild winters.

While we sometimes get a hint of winter in parts of Texas {you’ll never see as many tiny snowmen in your life as you will on a snow day in Dallas!}, winters are generally quite mild in most parts of Texas. Depending where you live in California, you may find it a little more temperate than what you’re used to. But be prepared: those mild winters are followed by hot summers! Fortunately, air conditioning and pools make the summers easier to tolerate.

What to Do if You’re Considering a Move to Dallas

Talk to a local realtor.

Call {214.223.0443} or email me {randi@repeatre.com} and let’s talk about what you’re considering, what areas might interest you, and what you can expect here in Dallas. I can answer questions, provide you with information, and help you navigate the cross-country move.

Set up a MLS auto search.

Once I know what you’re looking for, I’ll set up an automatic search for you through the MLS. You’ll receive emails with listings that match your housing criteria. We can set that criteria to account for pricing, size, number of required bedrooms, and we can even filter it to accommodate your wish list items like a pool or three car garage.

Get preauthorized for a house purchase.

I can refer you to a lender that can preauthorize you for the price range you’re looking at {or help you figure out what you can afford to buy}, help you decide whether you first need to sell an existing property, or answer any other questions about mortgages, interest rates, and the financial side of moving.

View properties electronically or in person.

When you see a property that interests you, let’s take a look. I’ve done many showings via facetime and I’m happy to accommodate a virtual showing through zoom, a recorded video, or skype.

If you’re planning a visit, I’d love to set up showings of houses in the area.

Regardless of your situation, we can figure out a plan.

If you’re thinking of moving to our great state, reach out via phone {214.223.0443} or email {randi@repeatre.com} and let me know how I can help!

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