The Best Reasons to Move to Flower Mound, Texas

Flower Mound is a city in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex that has continued to grow, year after year, and it’s a hot spot for those looking to relocate to this area. I’ve lived in Flower Mound for almost twenty years so I bring a unique perspective to the community and real estate in this area. Let me tell you some of the best reasons to move to Flower Mound, Texas! {If you’d prefer to watch the video version of this post, scroll to the bottom!}

Flower Mound sits right between Dallas and Fort Worth and just north of the DFW airport. A little over 80,000 people live in the area, giving it a small city feel while still maintaining that sense of community that we all want.

Most people ask: is there a flower mound in Flower Mound? The answer is yes! There’s an actual flower mound in the center of town and during the spring and summer months it’s typically covered in wildflowers.

Why Move to Flower Mound, Texas?

The Proximity and Access to Large City Amenities

Flower Mound has the advantage of feeling like a small town while having quick and easy access to everything you want in a big city, like museums and sports venues. DFW Airport is about ten to twenty minutes drive time from Flower Mound, depending on whether you live in the north or south end, making it a favorite location for pilots, flight attendants, and other commuters.


Flower Mound is part of the Lewisville Independent School District, a fantastic school district recognized both for its academics and for its sports, music, and theater programs. LISD has over 52,000 students enrolled in its elementary, middle, and high schools. A number of those elementary schools are in Flower Mound, along with three middle schools, and two high schools, both with separate ninth grade buildings on campus.


Flower Mound has beautiful playgrounds and parks throughout the city. Many playgrounds have been updated in the last few years, and many of them are themed. The city takes pride in these well-maintained outdoor spaces, believing that they enhance the quality of life for residents. In addition to regular parks and playgrounds, Flower Mound also has a dog park {Hound Mound} and a splash pad located at Heritage Park.

Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Shopping

We all love to eat and shop, right? Flower Mound has plenty of places to do both. There are lots of big box stores either right in Flower Mound, or right on the outskirts, smaller boutique style and Mom and Pop shops, and piles of places to eat. From fast food to fancy, you can find it in Flower Mound. I’m all about the coffee and that definitely deserves a mention: Flower Mound has the standard chain coffee shops throughout the city but it also has a number of independent coffee shops that not only serve delicious drinks but also make great spots to hang out or work.

Grocery Stores

Not only does Flower Mound have grocery stores conveniently placed throughout the city but there’s a diverse variety of stores as well. There are the standard chain stores like Kroger and Tom Thumb but Flower Mound also has specialty type grocery stores like Sprouts and Market Street, as well as grocery stores with cultural specialties.

Walking Trails and Greenbelts

This is one of my favorite things about Flower Mound. There are more than 59 miles of paved hike and bike trails throughout the city, making it easy to get outdoors and around the town. The trail systems weave through different areas of the city and connect parks, schools, and subivisions.

Proximity to Lakes

Flower Mound sits right between Lake Lewisville and Grapevine Lake, just minutes from both. Both lakes have numerous public parks and are known for recreational boating, kayaking, fishing, and even swimming. Having lakes so close by adds a great element to the lifestyle in Flower Mound and provides a nice pop of nature in the middle of this sprawling metroplex.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals may not be the first thing you think about when moving to a new area, but when you need one, it’s great to have something close. Flower Mound has its own 101-bed hospital as well as physician offices, imaging facilities, and surgical centers. There’s also another hospital just down the road in Lewisville.

A Variety of Housing Styles and Prices

Whether you’re looking for a house or a townhome, a new build or pre-owned, a starter home or a forever home, Flower Mound has something for everyone. While we’ve seen a rise in housing prices throughout the metroplex, Flower Mound still offers a range of areas and neighborhoods that fit most budgets.

The River Walk

While the Flower Mound River Walk is a work in progress, when it’s complete, it’s going to be a really great spot in the center of town. This 158-acre mixed use development is already beautiful, with a pretty chapel and walking paths on either side, but the commercial aspect is just getting started. At some point, the River Walk will be lined with restaurants and offices … and a coffee shop, I hope. While you’re waiting for this area to be complete, the Lakeside area in Flower Mound is a great place to hang out.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a house in Flower Mound, or just want more information about the area, I’d love to talk to you. Click on the contact link on the menu bar above and leave your contact information or reach out directly to the contact information in the sidebar of this post.

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