Are You Going Through a Divorce?

In addition to helping buyers and sellers navigate the Dallas Fort Worth real estate market under regular situations, I’m also a divorce real estate specialist. I hold the RCS-D designation {Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce}, a designation that has given me further training to assist clients in making informed decisions related to one of their greatest assets, the house.

When I went through my own divorce, I realized how important the marital assets were for my future as a single mom and I would have loved to have a divorce real estate agent guide me through my options. The divorce journey can be pretty bumpy and tangled up with a lot of emotion. A divorce real estate agent can navigate those emotions, remain neutral in the process, and help come up with a housing strategy that works for both parties.

Being a divorce real estate agent is about more than just selling the house. It’s about helping clients decide whether one spouse has the option to keep the house or whether it’s better to sell it, and making sure clients know how to protect their credit scores and preserve their eligibility to own a home in the future.

If you’re going through a divorce or have a friend or family member going through a divorce, I’d love to help. My contact information can all be found by clicking the CONTACT button in the menu above. You can call, text, email, or fill out the contact form.